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Y2K: Critical Systems Check News Report

Y2K CSC.mp4

Y2K: Critical Systems Check News Report, Columbia Broadcasting System, prod. Columbia Broadcasting System, CBS 6 Video Vault, 1999

This is a CBS 6 news report on how emergency services are preparing for Y2K in the Richmond area of the Virginian state in the United States of…

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Y2K: An Autobiography Webinar Series

Y2K  An Autobiography Peter de Jager.mp4

Y2K: An Autobiography Webinar Series, de Jager, Peter, dir. de Jager, Peter, prod. de Jager, Peter, 2019

In September 1993, Peter de Jager wrote an article titled 'Doomsday 2000' which was published in Computerworld Magazine. This article and his…

Y2K Terminal Countdown DVD

Y2K Terminal Countdown_1.png

Y2K Terminal Countdown DVD, Richard Pepin, PM Entertainment Group, 1999

This action thriller movie, released in 1999, depicts a series of events that unfold due to the millennium bug, and a secret missile silo located in…

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Y2K Survival Guide and Cookbook

Y2K Survival Guide and Cookbook Front.png

Y2K Survival Guide and Cookbook, Bates, Dorothy Bates, Albert, Global Village Institute, 1999

The ‘Y2K Survival Guide and Cookbook’ contains detailed instructions on how to:

- cope in an emergency
- perform first aid
- locate water, heat,…

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The Y2K Scare News Report

The Y2K Scare National Geographic.mp4

The Y2K Scare News Report, prod. National Geographic, National Geographic, 2014

This National Geographic news report on the Y2K phenomena reveals a number of different perspectives in regard to the fear propaganda of the time.

The Bug and the Bomb Journal Article

The Bug and the Bomb_1.png

The Bug and the Bomb Journal Article, Kaucher, Linda, Education Journal of the N.S.W. Public School Teachers Federation, 1999

'The Bug and the Bomb' is a journal article written by Linda Kaucher for publication within the March Edition of the Education Journal of the N.S.W.…

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Nike: The Morning After Advertisement


Nike: The Morning After Advertisement, Weiden & Kennedy, dir. Jonze, Spike, prod. Nike, Director's Library Repository, 1999

Created by Weiden & Kennedy in 1999 with Director Spike Jonze at the helm for Nike, this Emmy winning Y2K fear parody advertisement compressed all the…

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Millennium Bug Report News Report

RTE News 30th December 1999 Millennium Bug Report.mp4

Millennium Bug Report News Report, O'Donnell, Annette, prod. RTE News, KillianM2 TV Archive, 1999

An RTE News report on the Y2K status in Ireland on the eve of the millennium date change with the ESB Y2K Programme Manager.

Jamie Brown on Y2K

Jamie on Y2K.mp4

Jamie Brown on Y2K, Brown, Jamie, 2021

Jamie Brown, the Happiness Ninja discusses her Y2K experience at the age of 15.

Brown, Irene, Irene Brown on Y2K

Brown, Irene, Irene Brown on Y2K, Y2K

Irene Brown, formerly of the Castle on the Hill discusses her experience of Y2K.

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