1998 - Y2K Compliance

“Y2K could lead to $1.1 trillion in damages worldwide, with the U.S. cost estimated at $115 billion, not including legal and insurance costs.”

- Nick Gogerty, London-based International Monitoring Analyst in October 1999 (Computerworld Staff 2000a)

Y2K compliance found its way into the legal sector and spared little time in conveying to its client’s potential liability and legal issues that could arise from the millennium date change in regard to insurance, copyright, contracts, mergers and acquisitions. 

Our curator has recorded an audio narration to accompany our next artefact, 'Beating the Millennium Bug' journal article by Linda Kaucher, on behalf of The Australian Jewish News.

Beating the Millennium Bug Journal Article
The Australian Jewish News Beating the millennium bug Journal Article (The Australian Jewish News 1998), accompanied by Curator's narration (Author's own 2021, unpublished).
1998 - Y2K Compliance